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MRS 2000 – 1.75” Snap Lock

System 2000 metal roof panel


The System 2000 metal roof panel is a structural 1-3/4″ integral snap-lock metal roof system, providing a weathertight joint without the use of a mechanical seamer. This metal roof panel has excellent structural spanning capabilities. The snap-lock design allows for installation efficiency and weathertight protection.

S2000 snap-lock metal roof system

Available Materials
Galvalume (22, 24 gauge)
Aluminum (.032, .040)
Copper (16 oz)

Available Widths
12” – 18”

Panel Options
Striations (Recommended)
Stress Ribs
* Factory applied Seam Sealant

Substrate Requirements
Can be installed over Solid Substrate

Minimum Roof Pitch

Ice & Water Shield (Recommened) or Synthetic Underlayment.

Kynar 500 (Fluoropolymer PVDF Coating)

System 2000 profiles

Panel Performance
UL 580 Class 90 (Uplift),
UL 790 (Class A Fire Rating)
UL 2218 (Impact Resistant)

ASTM 1592 (Uplift) Aluminum, Galvalume
ASTM 1646 (Water Penetration)
ASTM 1680 (Air Infiltration)
ASTM 2140 (Static Water Penetration)

Can be engineered to current ASCE 7 design standard

Energy Star

All of our metal panels are Energy Star certified and qualify for a federal tax credit. More Info …


Our product can qualify for the following LEED Credits

  • SS Credit 7.2 Heat Island Effect: Roof
  • MR Credit 4.1 Recycled Content
  • MR Credit 5.1 Regional Materials

Please contact Metal Roofing Systems to find out if your project will qualify for these LEED credits.

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