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Federal/Government Projects

Metal Roofing Systems (MRS) specializes in manufacturing metal panels for roofs, walls, and soffits in addition to edge metals, copings, fascia, and trims for Government, Commercial, and Residential installations. We are a local manufacturer of top-quality metal panels and edge metal products who provides competitive pricing. Our multi-state network of distribution centers that are strategically located to deliver our top-quality metal panels and edge metal products to all Military Installations across the country. We employee many U.S. Military Veterans and have a long history of partnering with roofing contractors for various Government and Military projects. We also have a large network of highly trained and certified roofing contractors which we can use to generate interest in any project. With our Certified Installer Program, we offer hands-on training to educate the installer on the installation details to ensure that the MRS System is being properly installed. Our Capability Statement is here for your review. You will see from our core competencies and past performances what differentiates us from the competition. We stand behind our products, having the best warranties available in the marketplace, and can provide many additional services to support your project. We look forward to the possibility of working with you on Federal Projects.

MRS Capability Statement

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