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NC General Contractors Continuing Education

What you need to know about the new Continuing Education Requirements: North Carolina General Contractors Licensing Board has implemented and requiring North Carolina General Contractors to meet Continuing Education requirements of 8 hours for License Renewals. The course outline is based on a 2-hour mandatory course produced by the NCGCLB containing information about changes in the laws and rules applicable to general contracting and other content determined by NCGCLB. The remaining 6 hours will be elective courses produced by an outside provider approved by NCGCLB. This requirement is currently in effect for renewal of 2021 licenses. Metal Roofing Systems has been approved as a provider for these Continuing Education classes by NCGCLB. We anticipate beginning courses in May 2020. Complete the sign-up form to receive updates, course information and when courses are available with Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. for the required Continuing Education hours.

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