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The Importance of Proper Drainage for Metal Roofing Systems

Construction worker installing new roof

As a roofing vendor or commercial building contractor, you know that a well-designed and properly installed metal roofing system can provide decades of reliable protection. However, one critical aspect of these systems often goes overlooked: effective metal roofing drainage. There are key differences between metal roofing drainage and other types of roof drainage, and understanding… Continue reading

What Is the Best Underlayment for a Metal Roof?

decorative metal roof

Underlayment is the term used to describe the material laid over sub roofing before the final roof covering is installed. Underlayment products offer weather protection while building construction is ongoing, as well as increased energy efficiency and protection from water infiltration after the roofing system is installed. Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer… Continue reading

Benefits of Cool Metal Roofing Technology

Commercial and Residential Metal Roofing

Metal roofing comes with many benefits when the right coatings and paint are applied to the surfaces of the panels. Not only does paint or crinkle coating improve the aesthetics of the roofing panels, but both offer protection for the metal and provide UV ray reflective properties. At Metal Roofing Systems, Inc., we utilize cool… Continue reading

Metal Roofing for High Wind Resistance

Metal Roofing for High Wind Resistance

One of the reasons metal roofing is desirable in coastal regions of the United States is its superior wind resistance compared to other roofing materials. While no roofing material can claim to be 100% wind resistant, quality metal roofing systems can offer better performance in high-wind areas such as Florida and the Carolinas. When considering… Continue reading

Advantages of Metal Siding for Residential Homes

M-16 metal wall panel

More and more contractors and homeowners are choosing metal siding for their exteriors. While once considered only for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, metal siding is beginning to trend as a functional and contemporary option for residential siding. With the color and texture options now available, metal panel siding can be a beautiful and lasting… Continue reading

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