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Crinkle Coating Metal Roofing Panel Suppliers

Texture can make a significant difference in the appearance and function of metal roofing components. One of the latest innovations in residential metal roofing is Weather XL crinkle coating for metal roofing. This texture coating creates a shimmer to the metal panels while providing better function and durability. Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. is one of the top crinkle coating metal roofing panel suppliers in the southern states.

Crinkle coating has changed the game for metal panels. The shiny paint on traditional metal panels can fade over time and does not reflect light in the same way as a textured surface. Like the aggregate on asphalt shingles, the texture of crinkle coating can refract and reflect light. This creates a more interesting aesthetic appearance, but it can also protect the paint on galvalume steel panels.

Benefits of Weather XL Crinkle Coating

Weather XL crinkle coating for metal roofing panels can improve aesthetics and performance. The crinkle coating can be used on all panels or used to create an interesting two-toned aesthetic effect. The texture causes a shifting and shimmering effect that mirrors the eye’s natural horizontal movement. Crinkle coating has many benefits that can add to the value of metal roofing and structure panels, including:

  • Increased solar reflection rating
  • Architectural design effects
  • Adds visual depth and beauty
  • Hides paint flaws
  • Protects panels during transport and installation
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Increases panel longevity
  • Decreases fading and scratching

At Metal Roofing Systems, Inc., we offer the latest innovations in metal roofing and structural panels. Our Weather XL crinkle coating metal panels can add beauty and performance to any metal construction project. You can order quality metal roofing or structural panels with crinkle coating from our branches in Conway, SC, Stanley, NC, Clearwater (Tampa), FL, and Jackson (Flowood), MS. We also offer GPS-guided delivery to construction sites in these areas.

Weather XL crinkle coating metal roofing panels can provide incredible results for improved appearance and function. Contact your local Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. branch across the South to schedule a pick up order or delivery of crinkle coating metal panels.

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